I promised some folks at Linking Northern California Professionals that I would share my understanding of how basic search engine optimization principles can be employed to manage search results for a person’s name.

Every few months, I spot a news story about the personal impact of Google’s easy-access information portal. The impact is on people’s minds, especially those of us in the professional world. The shift reminds me of a more universal life transition: teenagers maturing into adults, or even more specifically, sophomoric college kids to respected professionals. In much the way that responsibilities and best practices slowly dawn on the newly responsible, our culture is grappling with the personal repercussions of others having easy access to our online lives.

Slowly, we’re beginning to wonder, “What does it mean to be a responsible adult online?” or “How might someone react to this post if it’s seen out of context?” or “How can I change or pro-actively create online behaviors that will reflect well on me in all current and future social circles?”

Last year, I overhauled a 700-page organizational website that had to include 8 different programs in 3 different locations with more than 15 different target audiences. The project was initiation by fire into the worlds of search engine optimization, information architecture and more.

Now that I am actively looking for a new position, I used some of what I learned in the web project to manage my online presence.

My next few posts will review the strategies and tools that I’ve used to mature my online presence. I’d love to learn from your experience, too. Please share your tips and thoughts in the comments!