Consider your name, use basic tools to create a professional presence online, then begin optimizing the information that you’d like to rank high on search engines. Headings and hyperlinks are among the most common optimization tools.


Search engine spiders value headings more than basic content. If you have the flexibility, use your name in headings on your professional profiles, websites, blogs, and articles.

Including your name in headings will help your professional material outrank pictures of you partying on your brother’s MySpace page.


Hyperlink your name, instead of “click here.” Much like headings, search spiders place greater value on hyperlinked words than basic content. So, click here to read comments by Kasha Frese on green business initiatives.

In addition, link your profiles, websites, blogs, and articles to each other. The credibility of a web page can be improved by hyperlinks. If sites that address similar subject matter link to the web page, it becomes a more credible source on that subject matter. The same dynamic applies to outgoing links (links from the web page to other sites on the same subject matter).

Next up. . . . Titles and Tags.