Walking on cloudsAfter weeks of intensity at work and in school, today was for self-care: laughter with friends, movement, meditation, massage, and a mani-pedi.

I’ve been wondering about self-love lately. How do we love ourselves? How does that manifest in our day-to-day lives. Today was full of self-love. Love all around, actually.

Two of the biggest challenges I have in showing love to myself manifest in food and movement. Days and weeks go by when I move consistently and eat my fill of vegetables. But, months and months go by when I sit and eat cookies. Cookies are my downfall.

Reveling in the luxury of caring for myself today, I wanted to extend that feeling. So, I had my nails painted blue. My usual color for nails is pale, pale pink. Today, I picked blue so that I’d remember feeling light as air today. I’d remember when I put food into my mouth, and I’d remember when I put my feet up on the couch.

Feel as light as air. Move. Eat. Care.